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Prevent Identity Theft with a Paper Shredder

Identity theft is on the rise across America and the world. In fact, identity theft continues to cause millions of dollars in damages for businesses and individuals across the globe. However, this form of personal and commercial intrusion is not just relegated to malware, adware, and viruses. Many unscrupulous individuals also take to garbage cans and waste receptacles to find confidential and personal information on unsuspecting individuals. With this mind, you need Destroyit Shredders to effectively and efficiently shed all your personal and business-related paperwork.

PBS Office Shredders

DestroyIt ShredderProgressive Business Systems (PBS) has represented the Destroyit Shredder units since 1988. In fact, we continue to provide these proven and reliable shredders for all businesses and individuals across the world. As your premier shredding unit, Destroyit is truly capable of handling all your current and future shredding needs. Here are some of the documents and paperwork you can use to ensure maximum shredding and privacy across the board:
  • Personal paperwork – diaries – notes – outdated wills and testaments.
  • All business paperwork – financial documents (commercial and personal) – accounts information – client notes – client minutes – any and all business papers, old invoices and more.
  • No need to spend countless hours removing paper clips and staples – the Destroyit Paper Shredders shreds it all!
  • A huge selection of Destroyit and Kobra Shredders and supplies for your convenience.
  • Customer service is always available for advice, repairs, and services.
  • All your personal and business papers will be shredded completely – protect yourself from prying eyes and those that want to invade your privacy and steal your identity!

The PBS Office Difference

PBS Office is your source for the best in office products and services. Our highly knowledgeable staff can help you find the best Destroyit paper shredders to meet all your needs. We also help all customers masters the features of these units – so they can use it anytime they need. As always, we provide customer service 24/7 to assist all customers with their product-related questions and concerns. In this day and age –with identity theft- on the rise, here are the benefits of investing in a paper shredder for the home or office:
  • Shred all your personal and business papers to avoid intrusion and identity theft.
  • No more burning of documents in fireplaces – or in gardens – which can be dangerous and emit harmful smoke and odors.
  • We feature a full line of Destroyit and Kobra Shredders – Strip Cut, Cross Cut, and easy removal buckets to put shredded papers into garbage bags for disposal.
  • You never have to worry about any personal, private or sensitive materials being stolen by anyone ever again. Even if someone does pry into your garbage cans, he or she will never be able to read names, account numbers, or private information because the shredders shred all documents into the thinnest paper strips.
  • Protect your personal information, business information, and family information with a proven, affordable and reliable paper shredder today.

Protect Your Identity Now

DestroyIt ShredderDo not fall prey to identity thieves that are always lurking around. While it is truly sad that identity theft is escalating to new heights across the world – you have to do what is right for you and your family. Similarly, you have to protect your business – and one of the best ways is to purchase a reliable and lasting paper shredder machine. Our paper shredders allow you to easily shred all documents and empty it out with ease. This means no more paper waste, overflowing trash bins or messy desk spaces. Shredders are also great for protecting the environment with green options and recycling. If you are looking for the right shredder at the right price, simply check our Destroyit product lines and you will truly be amazed!
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