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Paper Shredders and Information Management

As most of us know, documents these days are as easily gleaned and used by criminals as they are used by those of us who have to gather the information on the documents. Despite our best intentions, if we are not making sure the information we gather is not handled appropriately, unfortunately it can be used for the exploitation of our clients. This is why we have to have information management regulations in place. Most companies use passwords and extensive measures to protect their electronic data, but today we are going to discuss how we can protect your hard-copied information and the kinds of crimes that destroying those sensitive documents will protect against. This article will go over exactly why every office needs a paper shredder.

Once You No Longer Need It, Destroy It!

It has long been the opinion of large and small business alike, that having sensitive paperwork around has many associated risks with it, and the moment that those documents are no longer necessary to have a hard copy of we need to eliminate those risks. One of the fastest and most effective way of removing the possibility of unwanted people getting their hands on this information is by destroying it with a paper shredder. With today’s global accessibility and the increased criminalization and miss use of personal information, it is even recommended that people have personal shredders, not just corporations.

  • Information Management and the Top Reasons for Needing a Shredder in Your Office
    • Though there are many different reasons that both businesses and individuals may consider adding a shredder to their office, here are a few of those motives and how the shredder will help in those situations
  • Reconnaissance
    • Unfortunately, espionage has become a big issue for many corporations. Today’s technology allows for people to gain access to another person’s ideas and innovations and if those ideas or designs are still not published or created can easily give corporations the ability to steel someone’s intellectual property. Due to these issues, many large companies require documents that are kept under high security until these ideas are actually created into the product or service. To prevent their competition from gaining access to any of these documents, these businesses will often turn to paper shredding as the most practical security solution. This will effectively and efficiently stop any kind of reconnaissance from unwanted sources
  • Impersonation
    • This is better or more commonly known as identity theft. You typically hear about it everyday on the news and as individuals you might not worry about it as much; however, as businesses you have to worry about your own identities and then those of your clients. You need to protect your own financial and tax information by ensuring once hard copy documents are no longer required that you destroy them appropriately. In the same manner, if your business is one that collects personal data from the client, and that information could help any criminal gain access to material required to impersonate your customers, it is imperative that you treat that information in the same manner or even more strictly than you would the information regarding your own business. Once the moment these papers are no longer needed, they need to be destroyed. Making sure to shred these documents with a small piece shredder will ensure that none of the sensitive information will be leaked.
  • Business Reputation
    • You have seen those reports that state that this company or that company has had a security breach and personal information of their clients was lost or stolen in that infringement. Then that corporation has to spend countless dollars and hours helping to rebuild its image or reputation as a safe and reliable business. This is one of the biggest reasons that ensuring any data that could be miss handled is placed in a paper shredder as soon as possible. By having a shredder in your office, you could be protecting your corporate reputation.
  • Trash Disposal and Recycling
    • Another great thing about shredding is that it can make waste management a breeze. Many of todays paper shredders can also shred plastic cards, CDs, DVDs, and other office waste as well. This means that all of the sensitive data in your office can be handled effectively and efficiently. All of this waste can be collected by the appropriate recycling company in one visit keeping trash disposal a one step process

Where to Purchase a Destroyit Paper Shredder Today!

Here at PBS Office, we offer a wide variety of different shredders. We have some great name brands like the Destoryit line. We have friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives whom know all about the different features and security levels of which each machine is capable. If you have any questions or concerns about which model would be best to help you with your company’s information management processes, please contact us today.