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How Much Do Money Counters Cost

What Are The Main Things to Remember When Buying a Money Counting Machine?

Which tips should I consider when purchasing a money-counting machine?

Money Counters/ Bill Counters

When ordering a money counting machine, there is a range of considerations to weigh when determining the best model to meet your needs. Many of the things you need to hold in mind are the following:


If you have a considerable number of notes to count each day, you will have to choose a counter machine with a higher volume. Some devices are only capable of operating on stacks of about 50 dollars and do not fulfill the needs of larger organizations with vast quantities of bills to be counted regularly, whereas others have the larger capacity and meet the needs of larger businesses with higher demands.

Noise levels

While noise levels may not be significant, it is beneficial and preferable to provide a quiet space in certain situations. If you want to keep the noise levels down when counting, it is crucial to select one of the best cash counting machines that use electromagnetic and UV technology to keep the noise level down to less than 60 DB.

Do money counting machines scan counterfeit banknotes when counting?

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Twenty years ago, the fake sensors factor would have been regarded as state-of-the-art. Currently, however, if the bill counter cannot verify the authenticity of the money, it is not worth wasting your money on  because today's printers have encouraged a flood of counterfeit notes to enter into circulation. 

So, to protect your business, it's essential to acquire a counterfeit detecting machine to eliminate all fakes. Modern money counting machines use MG (magnetic) and UV (ultraviolet) counterfeit detection technology to recognize counterfeit bills. 

Infrared pens are also used to detect fake notes. Some machines provide for all three countermeasures against fraud, while others depend on just one. But every counter worth buying today has a way to weed out counterfeit money.

Is it possible for money machines to count different currencies?

Some machines can, but there are just as many, even more, machines programmed to count a single currency. It doesn't mean that it's difficult for them to count other currencies, only that you're not going to be able to spot fakes or questionable bills, and what you're going to get is a number that indicates how many bills were in the stack.

Not their overall numerical worth, or, as we have said, whether any of them is invalid. Besides, because most currencies other than the US dollar use various sizes with different denominations, you will have difficulties when you want to count stacks of, say, Euros of multiple values. It's going to do it, but it's an incorrect operation. And if the notes you choose to count are different sizes, then you're much better off counting them manually.

Do you need to service money counting machines, and how often?

If you own it long enough, just about every cash counting machine would have to be serviced at some point—however, the rate of servicing and what varies from one machine to another. Most machines have detailed guidelines about cleaning them, which is the most valuable and straightforward operation. If you experience a hard fix by cleaning the counter, it will have to be returned to the supplier or sent to a certified repair center.

What are UV and MG detection?

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There were some unforeseen consequences of the digital revolution. Among them is the production of copying machines and printers that can replicate any picture with incredible clarity. "Any image" includes, of course, banknotes. The rise of digital copiers and printers means that counterfeit money has never been a bigger problem than it is nowadays.

In a machine with magnetic detection capability, bills are run over a magnetic scanner to validate their authenticity. UV Detection - Nowadays, various banknotes are printed using UV phosphors that produce a glow when exposed to UV light. Both the UK and the US also embed their new currencies with UV phosphors expressly for counterfeit prevention.

New fake detection machines have made their way into the market to help business people eliminate the fakes. First of all, we want to make sure you have the same machine you have in mind. When searching for a currency discriminator which will "scan" the correct bill denomination and give you an actual sum, find Semacon S2200 or Semacon S-2500.

An example would be that you run $1, $5, $10, and you'll get a total of $16. Also, these units will let you know if you say you've got $1 in a batch of $20 to help balance the cash count. It doesn't matter whether you buy from us or anybody else. 

Getting the best money counting machine

We're here to help you in your search! Allow us to help you find a real Money Counting Machine solution for your company and not just an "item" that may or may not meet your goals and objectives! For any concerns you may have, please contact us at any time! 800-359-0364 or at

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