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How DestroyIt Shredders Protect Your Sensitive Information

Information security is essential in any business. Whether you deal with private customer records, identifiable personal information, or any kind of financial or business records, you need to have a clear strategy in place to protect your paper data.
Many businesses focus on storing and recording information, but there is sometimes less importance placed on the destruction of information when it is no longer needed. This is a mistake, as documents that are improperly disposed of can cause damage to your business, your clients, and could lead to legal troubles in the future.
If you want to ensure that all your sensitive documents are destroyed and safe from prying eyes, then DestroyIt shredders are the obvious solution.

Why Use DestroyIt Paper Shredders for Business?

DestroyIt ShreddersOne of the biggest benefits of using DestroyIt paper shredders is that you will gain complete peace of mind from knowing that your physical documents have been destroyed with no effective chance of the information being recovered by another party.
Whether you’re destroying old financial records or customer information that is no longer needed, ensuring that the information cannot be intercepted should be a priority.
Some businesses choose to use document destruction services, but these can be expensive and inconvenient. You also never truly know what’s happening to your documents when they are being collected and transferred to a destruction facility. By keeping your own paper shredders on site, you will never have to worry about the process or anything that could go wrong.
Shredding may even be required by law, depending on your business and the type of work that you do. If the statute requires that you destroy customer records or any other documents related to your line of business, then having the ability to do it within your own office will be a huge convenience.
DestroyIt paper shredders are also useful if you operate within a highly competitive industry where the loss of trade secrets is a concern. Even seemingly innocuous documents like meeting notes and planning documents could damage your business if they fall into the wrong hands. Although most business owners don’t like to think of it as being true, industrial espionage can happen at any time. If you want to protect your trade secrets and your competitive edge, then document destruction is something that you should take seriously.

How Quality DestroyIt Shredders are Better Than Older or Less Capable Models

Not every paper shredder is created equal. There are different methods of destroying documents, and some are more effective than others. Strip cut shredders are the most affordable, but they are also the least secure. These simply cut paper into strips, and the pages could be reassembled with some effort. If your paper shreds fall into the wrong hands, then this could be a major problem. If your business documents don’t contain financial or sensitive personal information, then a strip cut shredder may be all that you need.
If your documents are highly sensitive, then a cross cut shredder would be the best option. DestroyIt shredders can offer cross cutting functionality that ensures that a document has virtually no chance of being reassembled. Cross cutting is the most efficient way to destroy documents, and the type of cut means that the paper collection is more efficient, with less space taken for the same volume of paper when compared to strips.
Cross cut shredders do typically cost more, but this doesn’t mean that they are unaffordable. Considering the improved security that you get from a cross cut system, the price difference is negligible, and the value is much more impressive.

Advanced Shredders for Physical Media

Modern businesses don’t just deal with paper documents. Sensitive information could be stored on CD-R media, or even DVD and Blu Ray discs. Modern shredders can destroy physical disc media and even VHS tapes. Whatever type of information you must destroy, advanced DestroyIt shredders can provide the solution.
Explore all the options today with PBS Office. We are your best source for DestroyIt paper shredders and office optimization technologies. With retail and leasing options available, you can find the perfect solution that is affordable for your business.