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Destroyit ShreddersOne of the rather important pieces of equipment that people overlook when they are establishing their own office, or even upgrading it, is a paper shredder. Most large companies and enterprises use these, providing an invisible and completely indispensable service to the customer every single day. Sensitive documents are shuffled through your office every single day, from credit card information, to employee records, and even customer information. A single loose document recovered from a waste bin could spell the end of your company, and it could even lead to serious legal trouble depending upon the nature of the document. For this reason, DestroyIt Shredders are without a doubt one of the best investments that you could possibly make for your office. So here’s an important question: what should you be looking for when you’re considering the purchase of a paper shredder?

Paper Shredding is Serious Business

You’ve seen home shredders, the kind you keep next to your desk or the one you have out in your living room, and while these work on a small scale, they have some problems:

OverheatingHome shredders do their job, but one of the primary things they lack is the ability to handle volume. For example, if you tried to feed hundreds of documents into one, it would overheat and fail to go any further – unfortunately, you probably need to put large volumes of paper into your shredder, and with that being the case, you’re going to need something that can handle it.

Foreign ObjectsPaper shredding isn’t always going to be cut and dry, sometimes you have to deal with paperclips and staples, which tend to jam up the lower end paper shredders. If you’re in a hurry, and if you need to practice effective time management, then you don’t have the time or the energy to remove foreign objects from every single piece of paper – you just want to shred and get on with your day. This is precisely what you need, and the bottom line, is Destroyit paper shredders won’t stop running for anything.

The Time to Shred is Now

As you already know, paper shredders can be prohibitively expensive, especially if you’re looking for something on the industrial level. If you need shredders for every floor in your building, or even every cubicle, it can become very expensive, which is why we strongly recommend making your purchase through us, rather than going with the original manufacturer. It’s cheaper, it’s more convenient, and it is the best way to make sure that your office security is properly defended.

The final point we’d like to make, is that of choosing the right shredder for your operation. This can be pretty harrowing, especially when you consider how many different options are out there. For example, you have the basic waste bin shredder, which appears similar, to a typical home shredder but can still handle considerably more volume. If you want to take it to the next level, however, there are plenty of other choices, like cabinet shredders which stand taller and can handle more paper before needing to be emptied. In addition to that, there are other features that you will need to consider, for example, the ‘bin full’ indicator that many other paper shredders tend to lack. If you’re ready to really invest in a good paper shredder for your business, then we have to say, you couldn’t do much better than DestroyIt. They give you the functionality, the capacity, and the confidence that any documents you throw out are completely unreadable by anyone who might attempt to sort through your garbage. Avoid lawsuits, and keep your customers happy – even if it’s a service they never know you’re providing for them.