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Deciding on The Best Check Signer for Your Business

Making major office updates for any business big or small is a huge decision. It is not always simple to know when it is necessary to get better technology, and every business owner must weigh the costs vs. the benefits. This article covers ways to identify if getting a check signer is right for your business as well as takes a look at the best brand and models available today.

How Your Company Can Benefit From an Electronic Check Signer

There are a few different reasons companies switch to electronic check signing, and each has its merits.

  • Time-saving
    • If your company issues more than 100 checks per month, it simply makes sense as far as time-saving measures are concerned to get an electronic check signer. These machines can print signatures on hundreds of checks in a matter of moments with complete ease and accuracy. Some varieties of document signers are specifically geared for speed and can help to complete any company's payroll tasks with ease quickly.
  • Efficiency
    • Even above the need for saving time is the need for efficient use of time. Manually issuing checks potentially requires multiple people's time. If the checks or documents you are issuing require more than one person to sign them, you can save time by using an electronic check signer which has the speed and ability to print more than one signature simultaneously, making these check signers an absolute must-have item for any office.
  • Security
    • With financial fraud becoming more prevalent with each passing day, having the best protection for your documents and checks is a must. Nearly every modern-day electronic check system comes with built-in security features for ease of use and peace of mind. Some models are even equipped with keyed access or computerized pin entry. Also, among the multiple ways, this signature process helps, it ensures that every signature is identical when checking fraudulent claims.
  • Multitasking Devices
    • Many check signers are not created only to sign checks electronically. Some of these devices can multitask and sign a variety of other documents as well. Below are some of the other materials that office environments can print signatures on with an electronic check signer.
      • Certificates
      • Office Memos
      • Legal Letters
      • Contracts

What Are the Best Models Available?

The Wycom Systems are the best-automated check signers currently on the market. With these models, you get all the top of the line features at an affordable price. This line of office-friendly check signers can meet any business's needs with multiple models and customizable features. Here are some of the models offered and a few of the features each has.

    • Wycom Enterprise Check Signer
      • Will interface with your current computer software
      • Allows for one step check signing
      • Can sign both preprinted cut checks or continuous form checks
      • Has secure log-in
      • Installation is easy, and equipment is user-friendly
    • Wycom WySign
      • Allows you to turn your current printer into a check signer
      • Uses a USB device to transmit how many checks will be signed securely
      • Offers digitized signature
      • Equipped with check overlay to ensure that the signature is in the correct location
      • Has a secure key that you can use on multiple computers
      • Uses Advanced Security Line technology that allows you control and monitoring of who electronically signs each check.

  • Wycom WyPayments
    • Interfaces with current accounting software
    • Security measures that enable individual check approval before printing signatures
    • Utilizes a browser-based access panel for secure access
    • Features both user and administrator access levels for added security
    • Added signature security features to reduce the risk of fraud
    • Audit control
    • Check archive and advanced tracking
    • User-friendly and easy to install

Regardless of the type or size of your company or the check or document signing needs your business may have, Wycom Systems has a check signer that will work for you.

PBS Office and Your Wycom Automatic Check Signer

Contact our friendly team at PBS Office to discuss our line of Wycom check signers today. Our experienced and friendly sales team would be glad to talk to you about each of the models that we have in stock and their features in more detail than are listed here. We dedicate ourseleves to getting you not just the best equipment available but also the most compatible devices for your business's needs. Check out our website to go over more information on the Wycom check signer and to view all of the other various office and business equipment that we have available for your convince.