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Currency Scale VS Currency Discriminator: The Facts

When cash handling devices all do similar things, it can be challenging to decide which one is best for your business or office. While currency scales and currency discriminators do have related tasks that they perform, some key distinctions are essential to consider when thinking about which to purchase. Bellow, we will discuss what each does to help you better determine which is right for the job you have to do.

The Currency Scale

Like the name would indicate, a currency scale calculates the value of money placed on its platform by weighing it. The scale then uses its onboard computer to determine the value set there. Here are a few essential features of one of these machines.The Currency Scale

  • Coin and Currency Scales can reduce cash drawer counting to a less than 2-minute process.
  • Calculating the number of coins or bills is easy, quick, and accurate when using a money scale.
  • Currency and coin scales have precision scales that have been finely tuned; this technology allows for the least amount of errors when calculating the value of money placed on the platform.
  • Each scale has a detailed list of the weights associated with each bill or coin.
  • Most machines are programmed to handle coins and notes loose as well as bundled or rolled.
  • Weight-based counting is very reliable.
  • Some variation is to be expected depending on the types of currency. The most accuracy is found with silver coins such as nickels, dimes, and quarters. Pennies are less reliable due to weight differences over the years.
  • Notes or bills tend to have a less accurate count as well due to the humidity in the air and dirt accumulation over time.
    • Currency scales tend to be up to 6 times quicker than counting money by hand.
    • You can make some of these processes even quicker if your scale has preprogrammed sections for coin cups, money bands, or coin rolls.
      • Weighing money is all-inclusive. Most scales can weigh both bills and coins where most cash counters can only count bills or coins.

Currency Discriminator

  • The currency discriminator, like the scale, has the main purpose of determining the value of money placed with it.
  • Currency discriminators can count mixed denominations of bills in one stack.
  • These devices can give the total of cash counted as well as the detailed breakdown of the balance by each bill’s denomination
  • Some currency discriminators have an optional printer for audit and deposit purposes.
  • Many of the discriminator machines have an available setting for batching.currency discriminator
  • Because many businesses and banks rely on money being faced appropriately, some of the currency discriminators face cash as well to help automate just one more step.
  • Currency discriminators often have onboard advanced counterfeit detection. This can add another layer of security for your company.
  • Some discriminator devices have IR, UV, MG, and CIS sensors, which can all help with fraud.
  • With these machines, counting can continue while they sort out potential counterfeit bills
  • Money discriminators typically count more than 800 bills per minute.

The two compared

If you are looking to count or sum large volumes of already sorted cash and coins such as you would find in a cash drawer, you may find having a currency scale to be the best option for you. This device will allow you to count your money quickly and accurately saving you time and money in the long run. If you need to count mixed stacks of notes or get your cash ready for a deposit in an automated way, you may find that a cash discriminator is a better option.

Your typical cash discriminator cost a little more than your average currency scale will depend on the grade you are wanting. They can range from as little as $300 each at the lower end and sometimes more than $1500 on the higher end. One thing is for sure, though, once you have determined which of the devices that you need, you will be able to get your money’s worth with it.

If you were reading to find out which cash handling machine was right for you and your company, be sure to check out our article called “Currency Counters VS Currency Discriminators: The Pros and Cons.” This article goes into the details of the differences between currency counters and currency discriminators.

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