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Concerned About Counterfeits? Use a Counterfeit Detector!

Concerned About Counterfeits? Use a Counterfeit Detector! Unfortunately, one of the most significant risks to businesses that deal in a lot of cash is counterfeit money. There has been a lot of strides made in the prevention of counterfeit currency, and there are many different methods, though one of the most efficient and thorough approaches is by using a counterfeit detector. This article will discuss the benefits of having a counterfeit detector.

What is a Counterfeit Detector?

A counterfeit detector for cash can be one of many devices, but mostly it is a machine or tool that will help to detect any of the security features that have been put in place on bank notes. This detection process will help the businesses accepting the cash to determine if the bills they are being given are genuine or counterfeit.

The detector will use one of many different approaches to decide if the given currency is fake or not. Some of the methods of counterfeit detection are metal thread detection, UV light strip identification, and watermark locations. The more methods that are checked, the more likely an illegitimate bill will be found. This means that the more features that a counterfeit detector checks, the more likely that machine is to be accurate.

More About the Common Security Features

The government has tried to eliminate fraud in the cash industry by adding security features to our notes. Here is more about each security feature.

  • UV Light Detection - Ultraviolet light is one of the more commonly used methods of counterfeit detection. You can find UV detectors on lower end counterfeit devices. Even those machines with the lowest price points typically boast that they have UV detection. UV detectors will verify that the markings placed on the notes for security are correct. The UV marks are printed on the bills using a non-visible dye that can only be seen under the UV light. These detectors only ensure that the images that are supposed to glow light up with placed under the Ultraviolet light. If they do glow, the cash is suspected to be authentic.
  • Magnetic Detection - Some more advanced counterfeit detecting devices use a form of magnetic detection. These devices recognize the magnetic ink as well as the threads made of metal fibers that are used in specific places on cash bills. These magnetic detectors are standard and can be reasonably accurate.
  • Watermark Detection - Even more advanced machines that are used to find counterfeit cash have watermark detection. These devices utilize light to find and see the watermarks that have been built into the bills for authentication. These watermarks are not easily seen without these lights and can rarely be seen with the naked eye.
  • Size Detection - Some of the most advanced counterfeit detectors can determine if the banknote being processed is the incorrect size. Typically, all bills are the same standard size; therefore, if a note has any deviation to its size, it will be flagged as potentially fake cash. This is just one more way we can determine the authenticity of the note.

What are Some Great Counterfeit Detectors Available Today?

There are many great counterfeit detection systems available on today's market, but here is a list of a few great devices.

PBS Office and Combatting Counterfeit with You

There are many counterfeit detectors on the market, and some of them have added features and abilities. Depending on the amount of money you need to authenticate and how often you will need to utilize the services provided by the machine may help you select the right model.

These detection devices have a relatively low cost associated with them and a user-friendly training process. By investing in a counterfeit detection system, you could be investing in an extra layer of security for your company. This will help you to protect your business's bottom line ultimately.

Contact PBS Office today so that our experts can go over your business's cash handling needs and help you to determine which form of counterfeit detection, coin and currency counters or scales will work best for you. We can discuss the many features of each device so that you know you are investing in the best protection for your needs. Call us at 800-359-0364.