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Coin Counter Machines are Perfect for Non-Profit Organizations

When it comes to non-profit organizations, plenty of donations come in the form of cash or change, but that doesn’t leave you without the daunting task of having to organize the money that you’ve received at the end of the day. Non-profit organizations such as charities, foundations, and churches are looking for ways to count their donations or loose change drives. While donations are always nice, you’re not going to want to dread the countless hours of sitting down and deal with the sorting process, so using a currency counter machine will notably speed up the process.
It will leave it as simply being a task at the end of the day, rather than something that gets in the way. Every non-profit organization or business has cash management needs that are different from other businesses and organizations. Luckily, there are enough products out there to help provide you with the right machine you are looking for.
Having a currency counter is no exception, and they are not just for financial corporations, investment firms or banking. You can find the right machine for your company and your budget. A great benefit with these machines is that your money counts are going to be accurate!
No more of the hassle of the innocent cash handling mess-ups that happen too often. You can eliminate a headache, stress, and dilemma altogether. With this machine, you will no longer have people included in the cash counting process, and will now have a machine to take all of the end-of-shift counts for you!
We have provided currency counting solutions to many customers and clients for years. Our machines offer the latest in counterfeit currency detection with many of our machines! We provide the best with our currency machines that increase the productivity and efficiency of your currency counting process.
Our goal is to provide your company or non-profit organization the best currency solution for your particular application. Our knowledgeable sales staff would highly value the opportunity to discuss your exact needs at your convenience.You can then be totally confident that all of your totals from your business are accurate to the very penny with Progressive Business Systems, Inc.!

Time is Money

We have all heard the phrase “time is money” but it takes on a whole new meaning especially when you’re trying to keep your non-profit business afloat. When you factor in the high costs and expenses always going up, trying to find every way to promote efficiency and reduce the stack of bills. It will help keep your non-profit organization or businesses from dipping into the red.
Let us help you manage your donations and money with our best selection of coin counter machine, your staff won’t have to sit around for hours or even days counting and sorting change if you start excepting these kinds of donations during the holidays or busy calendar events of the year.

Managing your cash just got easier with currency machine

Semacon Currency CounterManage the cash in your business with our semacon currency counter. Our currency machine can count thousands of bills per minute, which no person could possibly ever do. We know it will ease a headache and stress of no longer having staff members spend hours every night to count cash, and instead, you can leave it to the machine so that your employees can spend more of their time with other aspects of the business.
One thing is for sure all you have to do or an employee has to do is very easy and simple: set a certain amount of currency to be counted, place in the money, and the let the machine work while you can focus on more important matters and other pressing responsibilities.Once the set amount of currency has been counted, the machine will alert you to remove the cash and add more to start another cycle and continue counting. Productivity throughout your business will rise, once you have your currency counter installed.

Increase Your Donations!

You will save so much money with a semacon your charity or business! That doesn't mean that you will get paid more, it just means you will save a lot more due to a dramatic drop in errors. When people are handling change or cash, it is inevitable that some minor or major mistakes are going to be made. We guarantee once you have your semacon currency counters installed for your business, you are on the path to increased donations!