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Coin and Currency Counters Can Keep Your Business Competitive

Staying at the leading edge of the field your business is in, can seem impossible at times; however, there are some steps that you can take to help your company stand out among the rest. By having a coin and currency counter, you are able to take charge of the cash inflow of your company. These devices can help you to increase your overall productivity, cash counting accuracy, and business security. With these aspects of your company on point, it is easy to stay on the leading edge of the competitive curve.


If your company is one of the thousands of typical business types, you likely spend a good deal of time and money on counting cash at your office. Having a bill and coin counter can tally all the money in every till and do it in an automated process. This will free up your associate’s time to spend on more critical tasks such as stocking or customer service. With a coin or currency scale, you will be able to spend less money on counting cash and more time on what matters most, your customer base and their happiness. Happy customers will keep your company number one in the industry over any other tip or trick out there.


One of the most common causes of lost income in a business is inaccuracy with money counting. Regardless if the error loses money or if the mistake just causes an overuse of time to correct, it is costing the company. With the use of a money counter, your company can completely automate this process. This will remove the element of human error. With added accuracy, you will find that your company not only saves the money for payroll but can now be reassured that the cash is being handled and logged each time correctly. Having correct and efficient money handling will lead to lower cost of operation which can be translated to lower prices of goods and services. Keeping a lower cost for your customers will help build your loyalty base which will overall help your competitive edge


Unfortunately, one of the biggest concerns with any business’s cash handling is the security that can be obtain with it. There are tons of ways thieves have worked out to create counterfeit bills. By having an automatic bill and coin counter, you can be reassured. Many of thesedevices all help to add another layer of protection against fake currency. A high quality currency counter can help to detect subtle differences of each bill and alert you to the presence of any discrepancies. One of the other most significant security issues in most companies is employee theft. Though each business has its own screening process for its staff, regrettably, the employee base often steals or create errors on purpose allowing for the miscounting of the company’s cash assets. Most people get intimidated by the cash counters accuracy, and that will be enough to help keep those employees from mishandling the money. By using a bill and coin counter, your company will be able to prevent the loss of funds which will, in the long run, add up to saving even more money. Again, these gains can be transferred to savings for your customers or put into creating a better product or more innovative service that will keep your customers loyal to your business.


There are many different coin and currency counting machine models, but they are not all created equal. Each unit has its own features and caters to the different unique needs of various styles of companies. Here are some of the best brands for bill and coin counters available today.

  • Semacon Coin And Currency Cash Handling Products
  • Tellermate Coin And Currency Scales

If you stick with one of these big-name brands, you will not regret your choice for sure. These money counters are all top of the line and will be able to provide your company the competitive edge that it needs to stay at the top of the industry.

PBS Office and Your Coin and Currency Counter

You can get an automated money counter for your business today on our website, Our knowledgeable and experienced sales team is standing by and able to answer any questions that you may have as well as suggest which variety of coin and currency counter might benefit your company the best. We offer a variety of other cash handling supplies and many different types of office equipment. Let us assist you with keeping that competitive edge for your business today!