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Choosing First Paper Shredder

Progressive Business Systems, Inc. is your source for the best in Destroyit Shredders. In fact, we have proudly represented the Destroyit line since 1988. Whether for work or home, these shredders are designed with durability and reliability in mind. This means you can easily shred all those important documents and files that you no longer need. Similarly, a Destroyit Shredder is easy to use and equipped with removable trays for convenient disposal. Here are some more benefits of purchasing these units directly from us:
  • * No need to remove paper clips or staples – Destroyit shreds them all.
  • * We have a dedicated staff that is committed to excellence in all online and phone orders.
  • * We take the time to understand your document shredding needs – and offer you the best units and applications at the best prices.
  • * If you have found a lower price on a similar shredder, speak to us about it and we will match it.
  • * We value all our new and existing customers and want the opportunity to earn your business.
  • * Check out our extensive online store for the latest in Destroyit and Kobra shredders, supplies and accessories.

Why You Should Purchase a Destroyit Paper Shredder

DestroyIt ShreddersDestroyit business shredders continue to receive great industry and customer reviews. In fact, they can easily destroy your most confidential, unwanted or discarded files. Whether you work from home or at an office, having the right shredder ensures maximum confidentiality and security across the board. This includes easy shredding of old invoices, along with business documents and collateral that you no longer need. Similarly, Destroyit paper shredders help protect the environment and free your home – or office – from clunky stacks of old documents or storage boxes.

How do Destroyit Shredders Work?

Destroyit Shredders offer fast and effective cutting of all types of documents. They are also user-friendly and guaranteed to meet all your needs within time and budget. Simply plug in your unit and start shredding those discarded documents. Once you are done, simply remove the disposal tray and place the shreds into garbage bags – it’s as easy as that! The difference with Destroyit is that their units are designed to last for years to come. Similarly, you can shred entire documents without having to remove staples, clips, or folders.

Choosing the Best Paper Shredder

When looking for your first or replacement shredder, we understand that several things come to mind. This includes price and value, along with if the unit will meet your daily shredding needs or not. Similarly, you would want a shredder that truly safeguards all your personal information. With this mind, we continue to stand by Destroyit as an industry leader in business – personal shredding machines. Here are some more reasons why we recommend this brand for all business and home-related shredding:
  • * Destroyit Shredders offer diamond cut and cross-cut shredding for your convenience.
  • * Some units are considered above A-level 2 security classification, which means they are among the best in the industry today.
  • * MBM Destroyit Shredders won’t stop running like other generic or third-party brands.
  • * Destroyit guarantees the most precise and concise shredding each and every time.
  • * PBS Office features a wide array of Destroyit shredders in all sizes – and at cost-affordable prices.
  • * We also have Level 3 business and home paper shredders for all classified – and confidential documents.

Paper Shredder Costs

Cross-cut shredders tend to cost a bit more than regular shredders. However, it all depends on your daily volume of shredding needed. For example: if you needed to shred 100 – 150 documents per day then a regular unit will suffice. However, if your daily volume exceeds that – you will fare better with a cross-cut unit. Destroyit shredders offer both options for your convenience, as well as different feeding capacities. With this mind, simply head over to our Destroyit products page and get the shredders you need today. As always, we are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.