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The Best Money Counters of 2020

The Best Money Counters of 2020

Choosing the Best Money Counter Anyone who regularly deals with large amounts of cash or coins should have the best money counting machine to count or sort bills or coins quickly and precisely. Most people will prefer counting money rather than weighing it. When you're looking for the best money counters, contemplate whether you need a machine for counting notes or coins. Then, narrow down your alternatives based on your budget and the machine's speed, capacity, and ability to detect counterfeit bills. Our list below covers the best money counters, including machines that count banknotes and machines that count and sort coins.

Best Overall: G-Star Technology Money Counter

The G-Star Technology Money Counter can operate up to two continuous hours, counting 1,000 bills every minute. And it works noiselessly by using ultraviolet and magnetic sensors to reduce the noise levels. You can put in the bills from the back of the machine in any direction.

The money counter is equipped with a counterfeit bill detection rate of 1/100000, which offers you greater accuracy and a reliable final count. The machine stops when it gets to a counterfeit bill, so those bills aren't included in the total. The easy-to-read LED display allows you to read the total number of bills in the stack quickly. Note the machine doesn't calculate the monetary total of the bills that you've loaded.

Runner-Up, Best Overall: Kolibri Money Counter

The Kolibri Money Counter easily counts 1,000 bills per minute using UV detection to detect half, double, chain, and counterfeit bills. The straight bill path means you'll have less jams as long as you've loaded the bills correctly, saving you time and effort. The machine boasts automatic start, stop, and error clearing functions. You can use batch mode to count bills in units of 10, 20, 25, 50, or 100 bills. Bear in mind; the Kolibri Money Counter counts the quantity, not the monetary value of your bills.

The money counter is sold with a one-year warranty, which will be useful if you have issues with your machine within the first 12 months of purchase. The warranty provides you with some peace of mind knowing your machine can be repaired or replaced if anything goes wrong soon after you've purchased it.

Best Budget: Domens Portable Money Counter

Importance of Portable Money Counters Simple and affordable, the Domens Portable Money Counter does precisely what it promises, with no added flash: it can count up to 600 bills a minute. The device is straightforward to use and -- despite being 0.86 pounds -- it is portable and compact. This makes it ideal for small businesses or individuals looking for a convenient, less-consuming option for poker night.

An "add" function enables you to add to the count if necessary, and the machine works with most of the world's paper currencies. For best execution and accuracy, bills should be loaded neatly and pressed flat.

This counter can be plugged into an electrical source or powered by four AA batteries if you're on the go. However, unlike its costlier siblings, this money counter can only count the number of bills inserted and is unable to detect value or different types of bills.

Best Value: HFS Bill Money Counter

The HFS Bill Money Counter can count most types of currencies up to 900 bills per minute, and the LED display shows the count of the bills. It features UV and MG detection of counterfeit money, alerting you when a fake bill is detected. The machine includes automatic start, stop, and clearing functions along with add, batch, and self-examination functions. The HFS Bill Money Counter is intended to count the number of bills sorted through the machine. It doesn't add bills or detect the denomination of bills that have been added to the machine.

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