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Are Money Counters Illegal

How Do you Acquire the Best Money Making Machine?

Cash Counting Machine

Don't panic when you're in the search of a money counting machine but seem to be puzzled by the products available and the terminology. If you decide what is most important to you, purchasing a money counter is not a challenging task.

All of this rests on whether you plan to use your bill counter for business or personal purposes, the amount of bills you deal with on a regular basis, and what sort of enterprise you are in. We've created a list of 6 essential factors at play when purchasing a money counting machine to make things easier for you. 

Use this as a guide to find out the bill counter most appropriate and relevant to you.

Does Size & Weight of Money Counters Matter?

You have to take size and weight into account, depending on where you intend to position your money counter on. For example, it would be easier to get a compact bill counter if you're in a small office space and don't have a lot of flexibility. On the same view, if you see that you are constantly shifting your bill counter to various places, it may be easier for you to select a compact, portable and lightweight counting machine.

Should I Consider Money Counting Speed? 

More cash, more challenges? What about more cash, more power? Or, faster speed, in this situation. If you are in an organization where you need to record a large number of bills in a limited period of time, make sure to opt for a high-speed bill counter.

Most bill counters usually come with variable speeds, so you can count bills at various rates, just make sure you keep a keen eye out for the maximum speed. At 1,500 notes per minute, our Semacon S-2500 Bank Grade Two Pocket Currency Discriminator is among the highest peak rate of all of our bill counters. But what determines the need for speed ultimately rests on your load and volume of cash inflow.

Is Hopper Capacity an Important Factor to Consider?

Bill Counter Machines

A hopper volume is perfect for estimating volume just as the counting speed is good for calculating rates. The Semacon S1625V Currency Counter average bill counter can carry up to 200-300 bills in its hopper with 200 notes in the exit hopper.

Some of our heavy-duty models like the Semacon S-2500 Bank Grade Two Pocket Currency Discriminator have the capacity of 500 bills in its hopper. In regard to the hopper, one more factor to keep an eye on is whether it's a back-loaded or front hopper. Front-loaded hoppers typically have a higher capacity and are better than back-loaded hoppers for efficiency.

Do Money Counters Have a Multi-Currency Counting Option? 

It's critical that you have a money counter that can organize and accurately count various kinds of currencies if you are a company that deals with a lot of foreign customers (and currencies). Many mixed currency value counters will automatically detect values between certain currency types.

And even if the country of origin for that bill cannot be detected automatically by your currency counter, some bill counters come with a value count feature that allows you to preset the values so that you can categorize between different types of currency.

Can These Machines Detect Mixed Bill Values?

One of the most significant considerations when considering buying a money counter machine is undoubtedly mixed denomination value identification. Conventional bill counters necessitate your bills to be presorted and categorized groups of the specific currency denomination.

A mixed bill value counter will, however, easily detect the bill denomination, differentiate it, and add it appropriately to the final tally. Time is valuable, so if you're in excess of bills and light on minutes, getting a bill counter with mixed bill value detection would help you get an effective improvement.

Do These Money Counters Check Counterfeit Bills?

best cash counting machine

The capacity to detect counterfeit money is also an essential add-on that perhaps you should consider when shopping for money counters in the same context as mixed denomination value detection. With an approximate $220 million in fake cash in public hands, you would be wise not only to count your money, but to scrutinize it.

Let us assume you work in a pub infamously known for fake money, then you would tend to find a bill counter that would detect counterfeit money and warn you if a suspicious note were available. Since you can check and synchronize your accounts at the same time your workflow will be far more productive.

The Semacon S1625V, Semacon S-2500 and Semacon S-220, feature some of our bill counters with fake UV (UV) and MG (Magnetic) detection variants. All Semacon devices are thoroughly investigated in our US facility under strict conditions, ensuring the highest possible accuracy and effectiveness. Please don't entertain the thought that many do to buy a Money Counting Machine off the web that makes fantastic promises but comes well short of performance!

Get Yourself The Best Money Counters

No matter whether you buy from us or anyone else we are here to support you with your quest! Enable us to help you find a real Money Counting Machine solution for your company and not just an "item" which may or may not answer or achieve your objectives! Please contact us at any time for any concerns you may have! 800-359-0364 or

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