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Advanced Coin and Currency Scales

Organizations that handle large amounts of physical currency need efficient coin and currency scales. Tellermate coin scales can provide fast and accurate counting of pre-sorted coins and cash, and are the perfect way to make your back-office tasks more efficient, no matter which industry you operate in.

Progressive Business Systems can provide a comprehensive range of cash management technologies, perfect for organizations of any size.

coin and currency scales

Tellermate TIx R1000 – Affordable and Convenient Currency Counting

For small, lightweight, and easy to use coin and currency scales, the Tellermate TIx R1000 is the perfect solution. With the ability to count both coins and bills, this is the ideal model for organizations that have moderate currency counting needs and need the fastest possible way to get accurate results.

The TIx R1000 can prevent human errors and is ideal for businesses that have multiple cash drawers that are counted daily for banking or safe storage.

The TIx R1000 weighs currency for completely accurate results. Pre-sorted coins and bills are counted per denomination, and a complete cash drawer can be counted in as little as 60 seconds, which is up to 15x faster than counting by hand. With a clear digital display readout, and the ability to print cash summaries to a compatible printer, the TIx R1000 is an efficient tool for the modern office, bank, credit union or loan officer, as well as retail storefronts and restaurants or other businesses.

Compatible with mains power or a portable battery, the Tellermate can be used anywhere that your business goes. It can also be used by accounting and/or cash security staff who visit multiple sites in a single business day. The flexibility of having a lightweight and portable machine is something that any business will be able to appreciate.

The TIx R1000 model can accommodate up to 1kg (2.2lbs) of presorted bills or coins.

Tellermate coin scales like the R1000 and R2000 feature multiple connectivity options, including USB, Ethernet, and serial port. They can integrate perfectly into any organization and can work with standalone printers. Whether you need a complete deployment of cash counting solutions for a large business or just a single unit for a franchise or SMB/SME, Tellermate is the ideal solution that is affordable and packed with value.

Klopp KCS-12 Money Scale for Large Batch Coin Counting

Klopp Money Coin CounterIf your organization deals primarily with high volumes of coins, then a dedicated coin scale could be the best option to suit your business needs. The Klopp coin scale KCS-12 is a suitable option that is portable and can accept up to $1,000 of quarters.

Coin counting is near instantaneous, with a maximum of 3 seconds required when counting large batches. Keys can be individually programmed for different currencies, and 6 keys come preprogrammed for United States denominations. Due to its flexibility, the KCS-12 can do more than just counting as a money scale. It can be used for counting tokens and tickets, with just a simple program change needed. There are three individual readouts for denomination, weight, and total value.

Tare weighing is also possible, allowing for the use of containers or cloth bags without compromising the accuracy of the scale.

For portable use, the Klopp coin scale has a 125-hour continuous use battery. For stationary use, an AC adaptor is available. An RS-232 serial connector is available for connecting to a printer or computer to integrate with a records system, accounting system, or simply for printing results in real time as currency is counted.

Get Your Money Counter Solutions from a Leading Supplier

At Progressive Business Systems you will find a comprehensive range of coin and currency scales for use in organizations of any size. If you want to reduce the load on your staff, increase efficiency, and get more accurate cash counting, then a coin and currency counter is the obvious solution.

Discover our range today, with products from Tellermate and Klopp, including desktop receipt/journal printers that can provide immediate and efficient printing for cash counting.