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CALL TODAY FOR DAILY SPECIALS! 800-359-0364!!  With one call we can help match you up with the perfect shredding solution not "just" a shredder!  Free consultation and great savings for you!   

Progressive Business Systems, Inc. has represented the Destroyit line of paper shredders since 1988. Our long history with the Destroyit line of paper shredders is a great testament to the reliability of Destroyit paper shredding equipment. Destroyit Paper Shredders are commercial grade paper shredders capable of handling all of your current and future shredding needs.

No need to remove paper clips or staples, just shred them along with your documents - our Destroyit Paper Shredders can handle it! In addition, our service staff will handle any future service that your Destroyit Paper Shredder may require! Your Destroyit Paper Shredder could be the last paper shredder you ever buy! Our knowledgeable sales staff eagerly awaits the opportunity to discuss your exact paper shredding application!

Call us today! We want to EARN your business! Found a lower price somewhere else? Would you like to have both the best customer service and the best price?

We can provide both! Just call us at 800-359-0364 or contact us online and we will prove how much we value the opportunity to earn your business!

Already own a shredder? Please browse our DestroyIt and Kobra shredder supplies.

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Destroyit 2270 Strip Cut Paper Shredder

Destroyit 2270 Strip Cut Paper Shredder

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Should you Purchase a Destroyit Paper Shredder?

If you were looking to find the perfect paper shredder, you should look into destroyit paper shredders. Having a paper shredder available to anybody can be extremely essential. Whether you work in an office where confidential files must be discarded, or you work from home and have important papers that need to be destroyed; having the right shredder can change it all!

How do Shredders Work?

It is important that when you are searching for a shredder, that you must find the perfect one, and destroyit shredder might be the option. When looking at different shredders, you can get confusing from which ones do exactly what you need and will get the job done right the first time. It can be hard to find the shutters I can do both a fast cut and also a good cut. But once you are interested in find thing the perfect shredder for yourself, you might see how complicated it can be. But when you browse destroyit shredders, it will get a lot easier.

How can you Choose the Best Paper Shredder?

When you are looking for your destroyit shredder, many different considerations come into play. And those will include a numerous amount of shredders that you will have to choose from. But if you want the best security for all of your personal information, getting a straight strip cut machine just won't do it for you. You should look into getting a diamond cut or a crosscut shredder that is above A level 2 security classification. This might seem confusing at first, but it actually isn't. When looking at level ratings, the higher the level, the smaller and more narrow the shredding size will be. If you were looking for a shredder to get for business, or for classified documents, you need to get one that's higher than a level 3.

Cost of Paper Shredders

Normally cross-cut shredders would be significantly higher in price, but for the increased severity you get with it, it is worth it. You might be interested in shredders that can cut more paper than the rest. And that can be a great option for anyone. If you were to be shredding maybe 100 to 150 pages/documents a day, then a regular shredder of you choosing would be okay for you. However, if you are going to be shredding many documents in bigger sessions, like after tax time, then you will want a much more powerful unit that can handle shredding several hundred sheets in A single session. There are many other considerations that can come to mind when you are considering different feed capacities (how much paper you can insert into the machine at once. Having the option to add a dozen of papers into the shredder at once can save you a tremendous amount of time and save you the troubles if you are to be shredding large packets. This is all so easy to find when you are searching for shedders!!

Manage Your Destroyit Shredder Safely

When shopping for destroyit shredders, it only makes sense to question the manageability of our shredders. But you don't have to worry about getting confused and/or frustrated because we make it out to priority for you to be impressed with our products. If you were a bit worried about safety, it is our top concern. Finding a shredder that's ideal for your home office might seem kind easy now that you know about the different shared types and all, but how can you find the safest? If you have kids, or even pets at home that might concern you with getting a shredder, don't let it push you away.

Many of our models come with safety sensors. What this does is allows the shredder to shut off automatically when hands, or paws, come to close or come in contact with the mouth of the shredder. This is a great option for parents who are concerned with their dependents safety, but another, more simple, way to correct this issue, would just be getting a model with a much slimmer paper entry, that way little hands can't fit into the shredder!

Features of Shredders

Many shredders come with a large variety of features, and that might interest you. Having a "bin-full" indicator can be a crucial feature that intrigues you, know when the bin is full without having to guess, or empty it out when it isn't full yet, you wouldn't have to. This can help prevent unwanted paper waste overflowing our trash bin and a messy desk space. Another handy feature to mention would be an automatic cleaning cycle that will stop the paper build up that accumulates in the shredder mechanism. That's why when you are searching for your new paper shredder, destroyit shredders are where to look!

Locations for Your new Shredder

Finding a spot for you destroyit shredder can be just as important as the shredder you buy. The exact room and exact location within the area can be essential to a healthy working environment. You should scout out the location of where you planned on placing your shredder, whether it be at work, or in your home office. And the type of shredder you buy can completely change the whereabouts of where you will put it. Having a shredder with a vertical mouth means that you should place it beneath you, by your feet. That way it is easier to feed the paper through without struggling to get your arms up high enough. For placement on tour desk, it would be best to get a horizontally angled mouth for it will make the task much more comfortable.