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Why Your Business Needs a Check Signer Machine

If you run a business, paying vendors and employees on time is vital. However, accounting departments often face challenges when doing what seems like a primary task. Plus, hours are spent manually signing hundreds of checks each week, causing hours of wasted time and lost productivity.

Instead of manually signing checks, many businesses purchase electronic check signers. Safety and security are added to the check signing process with this automated workflow. These efficient check and document signing machines increase productivity and add control. Plus, many are equipped with internal security features that prevent check fraud and unauthorized access.

Check signers and document signing machines quickly sign hundreds to thousands of checks in just minutes. If you are considering adding an electronic check signing solution to your payment processing flow, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many checks does your company process every month?
  • How many people will be processing checks?
  • How many people are authorized to sign checks?
  • How many bank accounts are checks written from?

If your company prints 100 or more check per run, you need an efficient solution and an electronic check signer may be right for you. These machines often come with a key or a keypad that requires a password for access. Automatic check endorsers can usually accept 1-3 signatures at a time, so determine the number of signatures that you will need before ordering.

Purchasing an automatic and secure check endorser may be right for your business. One of the most-cost effective check signing solutions on the market today is the Wycom check signer. It securely prints and signs checks in one step using advanced encryption to protect data.

Wycom Enterprise Check Signers

Wycom Enterprise check signers are a simple and secure way to sign and print checks, powered for a high-volume environment. Check signing and printing is combined into one solution, increasing processing speeds and reducing manual steps to accelerate the process. Printing can be set up remotely to remotely to any number of printers.

Since Enterprise uses pre-programmed software independent, there is no downtime when getting started or time spent learning how to use complex applications. Setting it up is easy- connect it to the network, give authorized users access to log-in, and you are ready to begin. A browser-based administrative panel offers efficient and secure management.

Instead of storing signatures, check overlays, logos, and user accounts on your system, the Wycom Enterprise check signer stores these on the system hardware. Access levels for different users can be set, with log in being password protected. Forgery -resistant graphics can be configured for dollar amounts, and prefixes and signature background protection is available.

Wycom WySign

Accounts payable and payroll departments looking for secure and efficient check signing choose the WySign check signing solution. Companies looking to physically separate check signing and printing enjoy the improved security and greater control this solution offers. The signature set-up is fast and easy, with printing compatibility for enhanced flexibility.

Wycom WyPayments Check Signer

Wycom WyPayments provides secure and efficient check signing by leveraging your current accounting system software and existing printers. It is easy to use, offering the ability to sign and print checks in one easy step. No additional computer hardware or software changes are necessary, and all Windows printer types are supported. The browser-based access panel allows licensed users to log in securely and even print checks remotely. Licenses can be added or upgraded as needed.

For improved audit control, all check disbursements are logged and recorded, making it easier to research and find paid checks later. This log details each printed check by showing check date, check number, and payee. These PDF image files can be indexed for import.

Ready to order your new Wycom system is right for you? We can help! Our team can work with you or your employees to identify your current accounting application and decide which system is right for you. If you already know what system you would like to purchase, we make the process straightforward and simple. Your new Wycom check signing system will be shipped to your location and our staff will assist you with a simple installation process.