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Use DestroyIt Shredders To Prevent Identity Theft

Identity theft is an increasingly common and worrying trend that's cropped up in recent years. With so much of our data floating around online and in offices all over the country, it's more important than ever to keep it safe. As a business, it's one of your responsibilities to keep your clients' data safe, too. Here's how you can protect identities and avoid identity theft, by using DestroyIt Shredders.

Only Take The Data You Need

The more data an identity thief has on you, the easier it is for them to steal your identity. That's why it's vital you only take the data you need when dealing with a client. As less data is being transferred, it's harder for the thieves to get hold of it. As well as this, your clients will appreciate not having to fill out long forms just to buy with you.

Use Good Encryption Software

Every business should be using encryption software, especially if they're selling online. If you don't have any, or your software is updated, now is the time to upgrade it. Bring in a professional to assess your needs and update your software so it's safe to use your website. This is a cost that's well worth paying to keep you and your customers safe.

Pay Attention To Password Etiquette

Destroyit ShreddersIn your workplace, it's likely that every employee will have their own workstation and password to access it. They'll be handling sensitive data, so it's essential that no one but them can access your databases. Require your employees to regularly change their passwords, and encourage them to use strong passwords that are harder to crack. No one should be using 'password1234' in 2017.

Don't Print Details If You Can Help It

In the digital age, it's unlikely that you ever need to print documents off. We can send each other important documents through email, so you'll often won't need to use your printer. Think carefully before you do, though. Does this really need to be printed? Can you deliver this information in another way? By avoiding printing, you're restricting where the data is kept, keeping it safer.

Shred Documents Once They're Used

If you do need to print off documents, be careful of where you use them, and keep them safe as they're being used. Once they're no longer useful, you need to dispose of them carefully. Shredding is usually the best way to do this, as it makes the documents useless for anyone who decides to dig around in your trash for information they could use. Destroyit business shredders are perfect, as they're hard wearing and shred all papers effectively.

Keep Business Credit Cards Safe

Business credit cards are a tool that many businesses use in the day to do the running of the company. In the wrong hands though, they can be a nightmare for you. The best way to avoid identity theft here is to keep cards to a minimum as much as possible. As well as this, it may be worth keeping them locked away when not in use, so they can't go missing without you realizing. Credit card theft can cost you more than you'd think, so be careful with your cards.

DestroyIt Shredders Keep Your Business Safe

If you're looking for a shredder for your office, check out our range of shredders. We create machines that can keep up with the busy workings of your company, and you'll have a machine for life.

  • Hard wearing: Destroyit paper shredders are designed to withstand almost anything. You can feed multiple pages through at once, even those stapled or clipped together. The blades can take it without jamming up.
  • A machine for life: We take maintenance seriously. Your shredder will last for years to come, thanks to top manufacturing work and regular maintenance by us.
  • Servicing provided: If you need help with your shredder, we're on call. Our maintenance staff will be pleased to keep your machine in top condition.

These tips will keep you and your clients safe from identity theft. You'll never have to deal with theft again if you're careful about how you use and store data.