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The Top 5 Reasons Your Business Could Benefit from A Currency Counter.

We all know it is natural for businesses to try to save money and there are many ways in which they can do this. One of the easiest ways to reduce costs is to be more efficient and spend less time on necessary job functions. You can lose a lot of time on office tasks such as signing documents or cash handling, so it makes sense to invest in technologies that can automate these processes. The following reasons explain why adding a Semacon Coin and Currency Cash Handling Product, or one of the Tellermate Coin and Currency Scales is the right choice for every business.

1. A Coin and Currency Scale for Everyone

Each business is unique, and its cash handling needs are just as different as the business itself. This is ok because there is a multitude of products available to help each business handle its cash management in the most efficient and effective way that works best for them. You may think that your business is too small to need the help of a cash counter; however, all companies can benefit from a currency counter that automates the cash counting process. In fact, manufacturers have designed many options for small businesses with units that are affordable, portable, and still allow you to get quick, accurate results. However, there are also units which can handle considerable currency quantities for more significant businesses that deal with exceptional volumes of cash. These machines can give you fast, accurate counts that will make your cash handling easier and safer.

2. Accuracy is the Most Important Issue

Any business that has an aspect of cash handling knows that mistakes happen. Sometimes cash drawers are off, a bill is double counted or stuck together, or numbers are transposed. By adding a bill and coin counter to this process, you significantly reduce the risk for errors and mistakes saving you both time and money. Most of these devices have a 99% or higher accuracy rate, guaranteeing you a better count every time.

3. Efficiency and Productivity are Must Have Commodities

Many of these machines can accurately count thousands of bills within only a minute. No matter the loyalty and speediness of your best employee, he or she cannot claim or guarantee that kind of speed or accuracy. Additionally, most businesses must set aside time each night for their employees to close out tills or count cash. Instead, set up one of these devices and have the cash counting done on an automated system while your employees focus on more critical tasks.

4. Money Saving Devices

Any time people are involved in the cash handling process, you must expect some mistakes. Regardless of the issue, miss counted money will at the very least cost you additional time. To find the error, you will have to recount the drawer, sometimes more than once. This added time and various counting errors cost every business money, and though it might only be a small amount each time it happens, those amounts can add up to significant balances. By adding a currency counting machine to your office equipment, you can eliminate errors and save time. Saved time coupled with a reduction in mistakes equals saved money overall, and who does not love cutting their bottom line?

5. Added Protection and Security

Some coin and bill counters are equipped to detect counterfeit money. This means that your staff is not the only line of defense you have against customers who are trying to pass fake cash into your store. Not only will having an automated device help alert you to suspicious notes, but it can also discourage employee theft. Where a person may feel it is easy to intentionally miscount the cash and take the miscalculated amount, they will know that the machine counts with nearly perfect accuracy and any discrepancies could be viewed as their fault.

Which Machine is Best and Where Can I Get One Today?

Here at PBS Office, we offer a variety of Tellermate Coin and Currency Scales, Klopp Coin Scales, and Semacon Coin and Currency Cash Handling Products. Our options are numerous, and there is a machine that is perfect for every need. After browsing our selection online, if you are still uncertain which model will meet your needs best, or if you have questions about any of the items you see, please feel free to reach out to us or use our online chat feature to speak to a salesperson immediately.
Our friendly and knowledgeable team members can not only assist you by going over each item you are interested in, but they can also help you assess what features would be best for the type of business needs you have. While speaking with our staff, they will also be able to point you in the direction of other items that can help make your business run more smoothly. Check out all we have to offer on our PBS Office website today.