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Choose a Wycom Electronic Check Signer for Your Office Today

Even if you know getting a check signer is right for your business’s security and efficiency, deciding on the best check signer for your business can be difficult. There are many different options available on the market today, and some of them have similar functions and features. It can be a hassle trying to compare all of the different features for the multitude of brands. When you are looking for a name that means quality and safety for a job as important and critical as check signing, there is only one brand that will suffice. Despite all of the other options out there, only one company is going above and beyond to help protect our companies without making our lives more difficult.  This is a brand that combines simplicity, security, and accessibility. Choose a Wycom Electronic Check Signer today!


Many of these Wycom Check Signing solutions are designed to interface with your current accounting software and are simple to implement.  These check signing  systems make it easy to print and sign checks from any printer that is connected to the same network. Every printer on your system can now be turned into a secure check printer!


With the top of the line Wycom security features, you can securely store multiple signatures and programming scenarios for your check signing processes.  With these types of electronic check signers, you have the ability to create tiered access. This means that different levels of access can be granted to different people. Each person could gain entree by utilizing their secure browser-based log in and private password information.


Wycom check signer solutions can be used with both laser and dot matrix printers.  We can also archive check images for later access. Wycom systems provide access to additional security features such as specialized graphics to utilize for dollar prefixes.  Our Wycom Check Signers can also be upgraded to allow for MICR laser check printing to blank secure check stock for the ultimate in check security!

A few Wycom Products

Here is a small list of the Wycom online check signers and some of the unique features of each product.

  • Wycom Enterprise Check Signer (hardware or virtual installation available)
    • Can be used with laser printers or dot matrix printers that are on a connected network
    • Can use blank safety paper or printed check stock
    • Can print and sign checks at the same time
    • Can utilize multiple signatures
    • Signature suppression limits (will surpress siganature at the amount limit that you choose)
    • Graphic amount lines to thwart amount alteration.
    • Eliminates the need for signature plates or mechanical check signers.
  • Wycom WySign
    • Does not require interface to accounting software.
    • Will sign checks “after” they have been printed.
    • USB key that is secure to utilize on any computer
      • Allows the software to be used on more than one computer
    • Advanced Security Line
      • Prints the serial# , time, and date and audit number on each signed check.
    • Audit Log
      • Shows user access and all WySign interaction
    • Signature backgrounds
      • This feature makes it hard to copy or alter any signature
    • User accounts
      • You can assign user access or admin access for each user
  • Wycom WyPayments Check Signer
    • All of the features of the Wycom Enterprise in a Windows specific platform to sign and MICR print your checks.
    • Payment Approval Module
      • Allows select users the ability to approve checks before they are printed.
      • Email sent to approvers prior to printing.
    • Added Security
      • Forgery-resistant graphic amounts
      • Signature backgrounds
      • Dollar prefix graphics
      • Limits on amounts
      • Signature suppression for amount limits
    • Controlled user access
    • Audit Control
    • Tracking and Archiving
    • Ability to add more printer licenses
    • System compatibility
      • There is no need for added hardware or software.
      • Ability to utilize all windows printers.

Progressive Business Systems and Your Wycom Electronic Check Signing Solutions

Here at PBS Office, we offer a wide variety of specialized office technology solutions that help to increase work efficiency and corporate security. If you have any questions regarding any of the Wycom Electronic Check Signers or Wycom Laser Check Printing Solutions that we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be glad to help you assess what items might suit your needs best and advise of any other office solutions that would likely work in your favor. Check out our website to see some of our other products. We carry paper multiple styles of shredders, various types of banking equipment, a variety of cash handling tools, and other assorted office supplies. If you think of any questions, feel free to use our online chat service or give us a call today – 800-359-0364 –