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Wycom Enterprise Check Signer

Wycom Enterprise Check Signer

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Our Wycom Enterprise Check Signer will interface with your current computer system and printer to allow ONE STEP CHECK SIGNING of your pre-printed cut sheet laser checks and continuous form checks. The Wycom Enterprise Check Signer is simply connected to your network or local PC and your dot matrix, line matrix, or HP compatible laser printer. Once installed our Wycom new secure log-in insures that no checks are signed unless they are requested on your system and the Wycom Enterprise Check Signer has been activated. In addition, checks over a dollar limit that you determine will print, however they will not be signed.

With our Wycom Enterprise Check Signer installed you are insured that no valid checks are issued without access to both your accounting system and the proper secure access to the Wycom Enterprise Check Signer. Installation only takes minutes and no software changes are required!

See for yourself, just request our free trial offer to start enjoying the immediate benefits of the Wycom Enterprise Check Signer!

Benefits: • Eliminates the manual signing of checks • Enhanced graphic amount line and signature security features • Increase security and control over your check signing process • Eliminate outdated mechanical check signers • One step printing and signing Signatures stored on an encrypted eprom • Can be upgraded to allow for complete laser check printing

Graphic Signature Background Protection

Protected Graphic Amount Line

Features: • Built-in print server (similar to a HP Jet Direct) • For Laser or Dot Matrix printers in a networked environment • Uses either blank (MICR Check Printing option) or pre-printed check stock • Automatically prints and signs checks in a single pass directly off the printer • Up to 3 signatures per check • Signature titles and backgrounds available • Optional protected amount only printing (when you do not want a signature) • Unlimited accounts (e.g., Payroll, Accounts Payable, Share Draft, Purchase Orders, etc.) • Non-resetable counters keep an accurate tally of checks for audit control • Count signed checks, voided checks, or all checks • Secure administrator and user interface for enhanced security to "lock out" unauthorized use of signatures • Adds a forgery resistant protected graphic amount while printing • Provides amount limits (add signature at amount, suppress signature at amount, VOID at amount) • Offline Continuous Form Signer Mode, with or without keyboard • Protects against forgery and alteration • Saves time and offers greater efficiency. Produces a "manual check" without a computer in the event your computer system goes down • Eliminates signature plates, rubber stamps and continuous form signers • Provides a simple upgrade path for Dot Matrix customers to print to Laser printers
What solution is best for me?

Still in the decision stage about what check signing method is best for your application? We have provided a complete information area on check signing and laser check printing applications. Detailed explanations of the Wycom Enterprise Check Signer:


  Internal Ethernet port: The Wycom Enterprise supports both a parallel input and output and an internal Ethernet connection to allow you to install the Wycom Enterprise on your network. When connected to the network all future programming changes can be uploaded to the Wycom Enterprise in seconds. We can also perform maintenance via an internet connection.

  MPS Module: Our Multiple Printer Support (MPS) module will allow you to use the Wycom Enterprise Check Signer to support multiple printers. You will purchase a "printer license" anytime you wish to add new printers that need check signing capabilities. Our web based administration panel will allow you to set up each printer so that they will have access to the Wycom Enterprise.

  Signature Suppression Limits: The most popular feature of the Wycom Enterprise Check Signer! By analyzing the data stream we can suppress the signature feature for any check that exceeds a predetermined dollar amount. Also, if you use two signatures we can suppress one or both signature based on two different amount levels. This feature gives you the ability to maintain control over large dollar amount checks. Some of our customers who were opposed to automated check signing in the past purchased our product for this feature alone! By only allowing checks up to a certain dollar amount be automatically signed, these customers could have Wycom Enterprise automatically sign the lower dollar amount checks. Management could then review and manually sign all checks that exceeded the signature suppression level.

  Security Interface: Our new security interface gives you the ability to divide the check signing process between two individuals. By dividing authority you create and additional level of control over the check signing process. Our secure interface also ensures that you can limit the personnel who have access the Wycom Enterprise signing features. And all of this from the comfort of of your desktop!

  Encrypted Internal Flash: Each Wycom Enterprise Check Signer has a unique internal flash which resides within the Wycom Enterprise Check Signer. The internal flash stores your signature and programming information. No one at your company can change or modify this internal flash. By storing the signature on the internal flash no one can access your signature through your computer system. No signatures are ever stored on your computer system or network. The internal flash can only function in the Wycom Enterprise product the internal flash is licensed to.

  Upgradeable: Our Wycom Enterprise can be upgraded to allow you to laser print your entire check from blank check stock. Your check data is seamlessly merged with a check outline, logos, signatures and MICR bank information and then printed on your HP compatible laser printer. A MICR toner cartridge is required for this process. Please visit our Wycom Enterprise Laser Check Printing System for more information.

  No software changes: The Wycom Enterprise Check Signer simply analyzes your check data once it has left the accounting application. The accounting application prints as it always has and assumes the print job was sent to the printer. We are physically interfaced between the computer and the printer. As the data passes through the Wycom Enterprise we confirm that the data is a valid check. We then check for signature suppression limits and upon confirmation add the required signature and amount protection to the data stream and pass everything on to your printer. Your checks will print as they always have, only they will be signed and amount protected at the same time!!!

  Compatible Printers: The Wycom Enterprise is compatible with most laser, dot matrix and line matrix printers.

  Future compatibility: Should you ever change your accounting or check printing software the Wycom Enterprise can be reprogrammed to sign your checks in your new application. Since we do not interact with the application we have no preference about which application you use to print your checks. This feature ensures that you do not buy a check signing product to discard it if you ever change accounting applications!

  Simple order process: Upon receiving your order we will work with you or your staff to capture a data file from your current accounting application. You will complete an order form and forward this information to us. Your Wycom Enterprise will be shipped to your location and our installation staff will assist you with a simple installation process. Installation only takes minutes! You can expect to receive your Wycom Enterprise within 14 days of order receipt.

If you have any further questions please contact our sales staff at 800-359-0364.

  1. Excellent Solution Review by Paul

    Have used the Enterprise for many years for quick and efficient check signing. Love the ability to suppress signatures for checks over a certain dollar amount. Easy install and simple to use, but very secure. (Posted on 8/7/2014)

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