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Want to know The Best Currency Counter, Price, And Cost? - Cash Management Machine

By Cliff Haggan March 13, 2019 0 comments

TellermateT-ix Cash Management Technologies - T-ix Series

Innovation Where You Need It

Our new T-ix range builds on the high performance of all our products with the addition of clever enhancements that increase business efficiencies, preserving our trademark features – tailored design and service, compatibility with your current systems, a compact footprint and robust, lightweight design.

The Tellermate T-ix range provides invaluable solutions for today's cash management challenges.

Faster Counting:
New money platform for reduced interference and full weight limit utilization. Reduced vibration for quicker value display.

Minimal External Interference:
Environmental sensors ensure minimal count disruption, such as from air conditioning, and alert the user when poor environmental conditions could compromise count results.

High Capacity:
The money platforms long back holds more bills, and facilitates faster bill stacking. A flip-down tray with non-slip coating allows for quicker coin counting.

Enhanced Customization:
Software structure and terminology customized to meet individual business needs. Customization can be ongoing, providing solutions for future needs.

User-Friendly Design:
At-a-glance screen layout with both text and graphics. Clear instructions and menu structure.

Improved Diagnostics:
Easy to follow set-up wizard and changeable PIN protection level. Faster remote problem identification. Battery status monitor flags when battery needs recharging or replacing.

Enhanced Portability:
Underside right or left-handed finger grips for safe and convenient carrying. Battery is small and light-weight with 15 hour battery-life that is trickle-chargeable when connected to PC USB.

Long-Term Investment:
Designed to high quality standards to endure a long working life. Easy to update via USB and available with a comprehensive service package.

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