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Three Reasons a Destroyit Shredder is Essential to Your Business

By Bethany Taylor March 20, 2019 0 comments

Business has never been better in today’s age with networking being easier for companies looking to make new deals and getting in touch with potential clients. There is plenty of work to be done throughout the day for every business and a lot of that comes in the form of documents. Papers having to be signed, employees to be accounted for, and sensitive documents that have to be reviewed.

.Taking Care of Sensitive Information

Every business will no doubt have papers with sensitive information passing through their office on a weekly or even daily basis. These papers contain information either on sales figures, account info, or even employee information that needs to be kept under wraps. One of the challenges of running a business is having to handle so much sensitive information in one day and finding a way to dispose of it in a safe manner. Our Destroyit Shredders provide an easily accessible way for sensitive documents to be disposed of safely. The fact of the matter is, documents containing business and employee information has to be kept under a watchful eye. When a new year for a business starts or an employee is laid off or leaves the company, it can be a hassle to know what to do with the proceeding documentation. Our shredders provide an easy way to dispose of sensitive documents without the risk of anyone being able to access the information later.

.Cleaning Out House

Another reason to invest in one of our Destroyit Shredders is they’re excellent for disposing of documents no longer needed or are outdated. Not every document that has to be shredded necessarily needs to contain sensitive information, but it can be tiring having to sort through piles of paperwork. Using one of our paper shredders enable businesses to dispose of multiple reams of paper at once without having to sort through everything. Businesses don’t even have to worry about removing paper clips or staples, they can be shredded right along with the documents. This means easy disposal and less time spent removing staples and paper clips just to shred a few stacks of paper.

.Reliable Service Every Time

We have represented the Destroyit Shredder line ever since 1988 and have maintained a long-standing history with the brand. Our paper shredders are a testament to reliable and efficient service businesses have continued to depend on through the years. While there may be other paper shredders out on the market, none of them have the reliability or efficiency ours does. One of the facets of our paper shredders that sets them apart from the rest is their commercial grade, meaning they’re built to handle all current and future shredding needs. Other paper shredders would break down or become jammed if they attempt to shred paper with staples and paper clips. Our shredders are able to handle the job efficiently and won’t jam up if they encounter these obstacles. They’ll shred the paper clips and staples without pause, so you don’t have to stop if you have a large pile of papers that need to be shredded. Our goal is to ensure our clients are able to use the Destroyit Shredder without having to worry it will stop working for them within a few months of use. We like to make sure our paper shredders is the last one our clients will ever buy, which is why we uphold our products to a high degree of excellence. We understanding the paper shredding needs of businesses vary and our knowledgeable staff is always eager to help. They await the opportunity to discuss your exact paper shredding needs and application to ensure you get the full service you deserve. We seek to provide the best customer service and lowest price in the industry. Our company values the opportunity8 to do business with our clients and we are more than happy to walk you through the Destroyit Shredders we have available.