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The Importance of Protecting Client Information with Shredders in 2018

By Cliff Haggan March 15, 2019 0 comments

We deal with so many pieces of confidential information on a daily basis. Social security numbers, bank statements, business accounts, salary information, and payroll time sheets can lead anyone stealing your client’s information if you don’t properly discard the information. Imagine someone getting their hands on business trade secrets, new product plans or financial data on your employees because you simply threw away confidential information in the trash or bin without taking the proper measures to dispose of information. All it takes is one mistake. Despite increasing awareness of the threat of identity fraud and data breaches, are still a growing concern. Shredding all confidential information is strongly advised to ensure time-sensitive documents don’t fall into the wrong hands; to protect your client’s identities and safeguard your companies reputation. Shred in-house — Why would you trust a guy who pulls up in front of your office with a truck with your sensitive documents? Why would you put sensitive documents in a wooden or plastic bin and walk away “hoping” they would be shredded? It’s time for you, your employees and your business to act on the importance of protecting client’s confidential information and understand the importance of better shredding practice.

Why Shred?

Sometimes it seems that every business or organization is fighting a constant battle against the paper. We have so many organizations and businesses now that have transitioned to a modern office of being paperless. There still lays a threat of data breaches and confidential documents that are being printed daily of employee’s social security numbers, customer and supplier information and financial data. Shredding paper-based documents can help companies and businesses to meet General Data Protection Regulation requirements by providing an effective and efficient way of disposing of confidential data. Many client’s personal data is handled by businesses in both electronic and paper formats. Many businesses fail to ensure the proper measures are being taken to secure hardcopy documents such as financial data or trade secrets, you pose a high risk to your business. A key component of data security is proper paper disposal. Unshredded documents can be read by anyone, which can lead to sensitive information being breached. Shredding protects the reputation of your business, your client’s intellectual property, and your sensitive commercial information.There is no need to remove paper clips or staples, just shred them along with your documents - our DestroyIt Paper Shredders can handle it!

Why shredders are important to businesses

The Destroyit business shredders are important to have in offices.They are commercial grade paper shredders capable of handling all of your current and future shredding needs. Shredders can help to protect important business information, cut costs, manage its paper waste efficiently and guard your client’s privacy of confidential information.

Enhanced Security for your business

The business world is competitive, and it is therefore important to protect business secrets. Even organizations that are unconcerned with profits often need to keep their documents safe from prying eyes. For this reason, it is important to shred some documents instead of disposing of them in the trash. Competitors and criminals can pick documents from the trash and use them how they please without fear of legal recourse. Destroyit shredders are capable of destroying your confidential information. They have double protection against overheating, secure strip cut of shredding your documents and hardened steel cutting shafts that take staples, paper clips and credit cards. Only by shredding documents and other important materials can businesses and companies protect information that is vital to their brand, clients, and operations.

The Perfect and Right shredder for your business

Even after understanding why shredders are important to businesses, it can be a challenge to find the right one. Those responsible for buying office equipment have to make certain considerations, such as how many sheets of paper the office is likely to shred per day, how many sheets employees should be able to shred at one time, and how many people are going to use the shredder. Besides making these calculations, those responsible for buying office equipment should also be familiar with the various options that are available for shredders. Knowing these options for shredders is sure to help them buy the right shredders for their offices.
  • Strip-Cut shredders:Easy Switch" control element uses color codes and back-lit symbols to indicate operational status. Automatic reverse and power cut-off in case of paper jam. Shreds up to 27-30 sheets per pass. Secure strip cut shredding of your documents.High quality, hardened steel cutting shafts take staples, paper clips, and credit cards.
  • Micro-Cut shredders:Most secure type of cut. Micro-blades cut paper very fine so that is nearly impossible to piece it back together.
  • Cross-Cut shredders:Powerful, reliable and fully automatic. Throat width: 9 in. Carbon hardened steel cutting knives unaffected by staples and clips.

Why Buy from Progressive Business Systems, Inc

Every business or company needs a Destroyit Shredders because it has a safety lock and key, high quality hardened steel cutting shafts are soft metal resistant and can take CDs, VHS tapes (cross-cut only), and hardbound documents.Destroyit shredder is able to protect businesses, organizations, and their clients by cutting documents with sensitive information up very finely. Understanding these benefits helps consumers purchase the right shredders for their offices, organizations, and businesses. It is also important that consumers be familiar with the various features, specifications, and options that are available for shredders.