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Shredder Not Shredding? Browse Our DestroyIt and Kobra Brand Shredders!

By Cliff Haggan March 18, 2019 0 comments

If you own any kind of business, you know the importance of having a great shredder. They are essential for security purposes, but also a convenience for any office. If you have not bought a new shredder recently, your model may not have the highest security features, convenient amenities, or top of the line cutting blades that our Destroylt or Kobra shredders have. Utilizing leading brand shredders such as these destroys paper waste in an easy and safe way that allows for simple recycling.

High-Security Features

Both the Destroytt and Kobra shredders offer top of the line security measures which means maximum destruction of the documents and articles placed in the shredder. By utilizing these premium shredders, you can ensure that you and your business are following the legislation and guidelines for data protection which regulate the destruction of all private information before disposal of the paper products. Having an in-office shredding device can protect your company and all of the information that is handled there every day.

The Convenience Amenities

Our Destroytt and Kobra paper shredders offer many features that provide efficiency through convenience. Some of the varieties that we carry are equipped with an automatic on and off paper feed feature which means when you insert the paper; the unit will start shredding immediately. Additionally, many of the paper shredders that we offer can shed 10 or more pages at a time allowing you to destroy large stacks of documents in a matter of minutes. Plus, most shedder options come with large waste bin compartments able to hold gallons of shredded material before needing to be emptied.

Safety Features

The Destroytt and Kobra paper shredding lines are safety conscientious. Each unit is equipped with auto sensors that allow for reversal if needed and have specialized safety shields designed to protect the user as well as keep his or her clothing free of the grinding blades. These devices are also made to prevent overheating for fire safety and optimized for efficient and safe use.

Top of the Line Cutting Blades

Destroytt and Kobra paper shredders have built in top of the line cutting blades, and some of their shredders can grind up much more than paper. In fact, many of these units are designed to handle paperclips, staples, rubber bands, and even credit cards. The industrial strength blades allow these non-paper inclusions for convenience, efficiency, and security in all business situations. Not having to slow down to detach every paperclip or remove every staple before running the stack of documents through the paper shredder saves anyone time. Also, the ability to destroy credit cards safely and securely is a priceless feature for many obvious reasons. These premium paper shredders are practical and desirable primarily due to their incredible cutting blades.

Ease of Recycling

If your company is trying to lower its carbon footprint or meet energy efficiency standards, another positive benefit of having a Destroytt or Kobra paper shredder for your business is that it allows for the proper destruction of private information. Once the data has been rendered unattainable, you can send the paper waste to the appropriate waste and recycling centers for processing.

Many Different Models to Meet All Your Paper Shredding Needs

Our website, has a wide selection of shredders for you to browse through. Each model has unique features, with a shredder available for all levels of paper shredding volume from regular office uses to high usage for larger businesses. When checking out the options we have, be sure to click on each product to get a full description of all the model's features.

If You Already Have a Destroytt or Kobra Paper Shredder

If your office is already equipped with a top of the line paper shredder than you recognize what an invaluable tool it is for any business. If you need any supplies for your paper shredder, we offer a wide selection here at PBS office, and you can browse our product choices on our website. We offer many items including:
  • Paper lubricant
  • Paper shredder cabinets
  • Paper shredder bags

PBS Office and Your Business Office Supply Needs

Here at PBS Office, we carry a wide range of office equipment and business supplies including Destroytt and Kobra paper shredders. These units are premium items that allow for maximum paper shredding, convenience, and security. As you can see above, we also offer many of the needed products to go with a high-volume paper shredder. If your business could utilize these tools or any of the other office supplies and equipment that PBS Office can provide, please contact us today.