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Save Time and Increase Payout Efficiency with a Semacon Currency Counter

By Cliff Haggan March 18, 2019 0 comments

Semacon Currency Counters are a great product offered by Progressive Business Solutions, Inc, a company with an outstanding reputation since 1989. In our busy, everyday lives utilizing the valuable tools offered by this company greatly promotes productivity in a business. Currency counters have long been used in financial institutions and similar markets to help alleviate the involved task of counting currency by hand. While saving time is a great benefit of currency counters, they also protect the currency handler and reputation of the organization by ensuring the accuracy of currency calculations.

Semacon Solutions

Progressive Business Solutions, Inc offers various types of cash handling devices to meet demands of different sizes and varieties in a business. Currency Counters, Currency CounterScales, Coin Sorters, and Counterfeit Detectors are just some of the valuable tools that we can provide to a business to help increase efficiency in their office. Our Semacon Coin Counter Machines come in a variety of sizes with detailed options that are customized for various needs such as offshore features which customizes how change is sorted and packaging features.

Efficiency Process

By offering various types of currency counter machines, you can be sure that we have the right machine to meet the needs of your financial institution. Our high-quality machines can sort and roll coins from 2000 to over 3000 per minute, virtually allowing you to complete this otherwise tedious task in a matter of seconds. Our lighter duty machines are compact to save office space and portable for ease of use. When closed these machines have a protective case to protect the hopper of the unit and the control panel to ensure safe transportation. There is also a built-in handle for carrying ease. The exceptional durability in these machines is sure to withstand the heavy use commonly associated with commercial counting applications. The high-quality push button control panel is designed to let the user conveniently access the most immediate needs of the machine. Our push button control panels are superior to the membrane style control panels that are usually found in other similar currency counter machines. Our most heavy-duty machines boast the same great features as the portable machines but include options such as advanced Micro-processors controlled for storing important data history, options for automatic stopping when a pre-set amount of money is reached, and an automatic reverse feature. The heavy duty machines are still compact but operate with AC 100/120w power adapters.

Quality and Security

At Progressive Business Solutions Inc, our main goal has been to provide an innovative, quality product that can meet the high demands of all financial institutions since 1989. Our more advanced machines come with a 120-day parts and labor warranty to ensure the protection of your valuable investment. All of our machines are designed with ease of operation and access in mind making these devices a convenient option for your business. For casinos, our products offer the security of accuracy. While speed is a great feature for processing customer payouts, accuracy is vital for ensuring total law compliance. You can trust that our machines are equipped to decrease the instance of counting errors and promote accurate handling processes.

Business Solutions

All of our machines take the tedious tasks of a coin rolling and sorting and allow you to bag and roll while sorting in one easy, quick, and convenient operation. These counters process at high speeds while operating quietly to help control noise disruption in the workspace. We always offer quick, free shipping to our valued customers. All of the great features combined offered by our quality machines save significant time and greatly increase payout efficiency within organizations bringing an added ease to everyday business operations. Our machines are designed with various financial institutions in mind from banks, casino, bars, etc. With our various machines built to handle small and large amounts of currency exchange, you can be sure that we have the correct machine to meet your needs. We pride ourselves in customer service and look forward to helping you. We offer convenient lease and purchase options, and we are sure that Semacon Currency Counters are your solution for saving time and increasing payout efficiency in your workspace. Give us a call to discuss your needs today.