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How to Choose the Right DestroyIt Shredder for Your Office

By Cliff Haggan March 15, 2019 0 comments

Confidential documents cannot simply be disposed of through the usual methods. Whether your company deals with sensitive legal documents, personal or financial information, or even industry trade secrets, you need a fast and efficient way to destroy documents that are no longer needed.

DestroyIt Shredders Address Your Security Concerns

Whatever your reasons are for needing to destroy sensitive documents, you can find effective solutions with DestroyIt paper shredders. Designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding businesses, you can have confidence in the quality and functionality of every DestroyIt shredder. There’s a shredder for every scenario, and this simple guide will help you to choose the right one for your needs.

How Sensitive are Your Documents?

Paper shredders vary in size as well as in the type of shredding that they can perform. Strip cut shredders are the most basic types, and they can provide moderate security for documents that contain general business information. However, strip shredded paper can be reassembled, and this could leave you at risk if your documents fall into the wrong hands. If you’re looking for the next level of protection, then you’ll need a paper shredding machine that can perform cross cuts. This method of shredding uses a diamond pattern to ensure that documents are near impossible to be reassembled in a legible state. Another advantage of choosing a cross-cut shredder is that the wastebasket will require less frequent emptying. Cross cuts compact much easier than paper shreds, so that’s one less thing that you need to worry about in your office. At the end of the day, the best one for you depends on your unique needs. If you need the most secure document shredding, then cross cut is the way to go. If your documents are less sensitive, then a strip cut DestroyIt shredder will be perfectly capable

Size Matters When You Choose DestroyIt Business Shredders

You’ll find that both cross cut and strip cut DestroyIt paper shredders are available at different price points. Price directly correlates to shredding speed and capacity, so it’s important that you choose carefully. The DestroyIt Shredder 2270 Strip Cut Paper Shredder model is the most affordable in the range. It shreds strips of 3/16” paper and has a wastebasket capacity of 5 gallons. The 1/5 HP motor is good for smaller offices where shredding needs are minimal and infrequent. If you occasionally need to shred documents but don’t need the fastest speed or highest level of security, then this is the model for you. If you need to destroy digital data copies like CD’s and DVDs, or even credit cards, this strip model can take care of the job with a separate shredding head. For more intensive needs you could step up to the DestroyIt Shredder 2503 Cross Cut Paper Shredder. This is the choice when you need extremely secure shredding for a high volume of documents. The motor is more powerful, and it features a 26-gallon wastebasket – more than five times the capacity of the 2270 model. Because this shreds paper in a crosscut pattern, you will find that the basket takes some time to be filled, even when you are shredding documents every day. If your office deals with sensitive documents daily and has extensive shredding needs, then you can step up to the DestroyIt 4108 Cross Cut Paper Shredder. This is a top of the line model that comes with a built-in workspace and features some of the most powerful cutting capabilities on the market. Hardened steel cutting shafts mean that you can destroy hardbound documents, CDs, DVDs, and even VHS tapes. The 79-gallon bin capacity is perfect for the busiest offices in any industry.

Plenty of Selection When You Choose a DestroyIt Shredder for Secure Document Destruction

Don’t leave your business at risk. Whether you need a standard strip shredder or the most advanced cross-cut shredder, you can find what you need at Progressive Business Systems. With industry-leading customer service and an extensive range of office products, we can help you to be more efficient and more secure. Contact us today for sales and lease quotes for your business.