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How a Coin Counter Can Make Your Life Easier

By Cliff Haggan March 15, 2019 0 comments

In today's world, we're all in a hurry to accomplish everything in the shortest time possible even when it comes to counting notes or coins. Naturally, businesses are making every effort to remain afloat and thrive in their respective industries. If you're a business owner, you try to decrease costs wherever possible in order to save money. Moreover, you try to make your operational processes more efficient to save time. Administrative tasks are particularly time-consuming while accounting tasks are frequently the culprit for lost money in most businesses. If your business accepts coins as a mode of payment, a coin counter is essential if you seek faster and simpler accounting processes. Fortunately, you can purchase a currency counter machine from our wide range of cash solutions. Here's how your business can benefit.

Time Savings

In choosing a proper coin counting and or coin sorter solution you need to first determine your objective. Will you need to sort and wrap your coins into individual coin wrappers or just sort and count into coin bags until you reach a full bag for deposit? Do you only have pre-sorted coins and only need to package them in to individual coin wrappers? Based on your exact need we can provide a coin processing solution tailored to your exact application. In some instances you will need a coin sorter to sort and provide an actual dollar amount of all counted coins. At that point you may also need a coin counter\packager to wrap the coins into individual coin wrappers. As a side note we always recommend you use the shot shell type coin wrappers over the flat wrappers to reduce coin jams during the coin packaging process. We are happy to provide a free consultation to make sure you purchase the correct coin solution for your needs.

Enhanced Accuracy

Counting coins manually is not only difficult but also cumbersome to complete accurately. You'll discover that making errors is inevitable. After all, it's easy to lose track beside making reporting and counting errors when counting huge volumes of coins. While it's normal for humans to make mistakes, beware that an error made while counting could cost an additional 20 minutes or more of recounting; this is time wastage. This machine ensures accuracy, so you'll always be confident when reporting totals.

Protect the Business against Internal Theft

Internal theft can account for a considerable portion of your business's overall losses. While you might trust most of your employees, there's always a possibility that some might be dishonest. In this case, you're better off investing in this machine as part of your loss prevention tactic. When dishonest employees count coins manually, it can be very easy for them to slip some coins into their pockets without your knowledge. While they might just be coins, you'll discover they add up over time. There's no reason why you should lose out due to internal theft. Investing in this machine will keep money out of your workers' hands as much as possible.

A Decrease in Losses and Costs

Irrespective of how common mistakes are, they can be costly. Miscounting some nickels might seem insignificant. However, miscounting dollar coins could add up fast. Fortunately, our counting machines will guarantee 99.9% accuracy. Therefore, you won't need to worry about losing your money due to human error. Another benefit is that our machine can help you lower labor costs. For instance, you can decrease the shifts or the number of people responsible for counting money.

Competitive Advantages

If you work with client finances and need to process money fast and accurately, this machine gives your business the competitive edge it needs, particularly if you handle cash daily. A coin machine enables you to obtain accurate information to your customers in less time, helping you build client relations.

Endless Options

A wide range of coin counters exists, which implies that you have numerous choices from which to choose when making a purchase. Depending on your business needs, you can choose a machine with features that meet your unique needs. Fortunately, you can access a wide range of models from our line of products.

Easy to Operate and Maintain

You'll discover that these machines are very easy to maintain and operate. They come with an automatic system to start and stop the counting. You'll also discover they have a user-friendly interface and simple functions


These machines provide maximum convenience to users, with some being portable and handy. You can use the battery-operated machines conveniently even in case of power outage. Counting money manually can set your business back in terms of money and time, which is why you should consider investing in solutions such as currency counters.